Contract Services

Our highly qualified staff is available for contract work. Please contact Amanda ( and she will direct you to the appropriate staff based on your inquiry.

What people are saying:

"You all are really a goldmine of helpful info and we are so grateful you are paving the way."  - Mardi L. Solomon, Whatcom Farm to School Support Team

Our capabilities include:

  • Assessment and evaluation research (e.g. Health Impact Assessments, Health Analysis, literature reviews, survey design and implementation, program evaluation)
  • Report development, review, and writing
  • Health Impact Assessment targeted subject training (e.g. on screening, scoping, assessment), peer review, and mentoring
  • Project management and coordination for assessments
  • Designing stakeholder engagement opportunities in participatory research and planning projects, develop organization outreach plans
  • Technical assistance on participatory research and HIAs
  • Build organizational capacity to identify and address institutionalized racism through project equity audits, staff training exercises, and mentoring
  • Developing or critiquing strategy / plans for policy advocacy efforts
  • Developing effective communication "frames" for education or advocacy
  • Other aspects of policy development, review, and strategy

Projects that Upstream has been involved in as contractors include:

Grocery Gap:  We coordinated a local advisory committee and did extensive research about interventions to improve nutrition for low-income clients of a local health care entity.

Child and Adult Care Food Program Nutrition Standards HIA: The Kids' Safe and Healthful Foods Project is partnering with the Health Impact Project—both collaborations of Pew and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—on a health impact assessment (HIA) to inform the USDA’s work on a final rule updating CACFP nutrition standards and the subsequent implementation of that rule. Upstream is working with the Kansas Health Institute and Catalyze Research and Consulting to conduct the HIA.

New Mexico Food Tax Policy HIA: Upstream staff are providing technical assistance, training and mentoring to New Mexico Voices for Children as they gathering information and work with stakeholders to explore the health and health equity effects of a potential tax on food.

Snacks and Drinks Sold Outside School Meals HIA: The Kids' Safe and Healthful Foods Project and the Health Impact Project recruited Upstream to conduct a Health Impact Assessment to look at the health and economic impacts of the United States Department of Agriculture developing nationwide nutrition standards for foods and drinks sold to students outside of school meals.

Safety, Health, and Equity Credits for the Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System: The suite of STARS tools are designed to help transportation projects and plans meet triple-bottom line sustainability goals. Upstream assisted in the development of the Safety, Healthy, and Equity Credits that were integrated into STARS for Plans and STARS for projects.  These new credits guide the development of goals related to safety, health, and equity and provides strategies for achieving these goals.

Climate Change HIA Curriculum and Training: Upstream was commissioned by the Oregon Health Authority, in partnership with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to create and conduct a curriculum based on conducting health impact assessments (HIA) on climate-change related policies. Over two days, Upstream met with public health officials from across the country to train them on screening relevant climate change proposals, and to conduct HIAs.

Health Analysis of West Hayden Island: In collaboration with the Multnomah County Health Department, the Oregon Public Health Institute, and the City of Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainablity we contributed expertise in order to answer the question: "How might annexation of West HaydenIsland (WHI) by the City of Portland, and later port development, affect human health?"

Benton County Health Department HIA Training: We co-developed a training for Linn-Benton County area partners interested in learning about how HIA is one tool to incorporate a broad perspective of health into decisions.

Curry County Health Impact Assessment: Dr. Tia Henderson provided technical assistance to Curry County (see final project summary) as it explored the health implications of a new financing program for manufactured housing the Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative, now called ReHome. Please click here to see the video coverage for the project.