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Issues Overview

PLANNING IS HAPPENING: School Gardens & Farm to School Summits 2016 ---------- BREAKING NEWS JULY 7, 2015:  Oregon's Farm to School and School Garden Progam will see a major expansion in 2015-17.   See here for the press release.   ---------- Farm to school and school garden programs teach kids to love and eat healthy, fresh foods, and get them started on a lifetime of good health. Upstream has been working since 2006 to create and expand farm to school and school garden programs in Oregon....
Upstream coordinated the First and Second Annual Oregon School Garden Summits in January of 2014 and January of 2015. For the 2015 event, our colleagues and collaborators in the Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network (OFSSGN) decided to host a "Farm to School" Summit on the adjacent day, which was also a great success. In 2016, we are working together to coordinate the two events more closely;watch here for news about the dates, location, and other details, or sign up for the OFSSGN...
Healthy kids learn better, and they also grow up to be healthier, happier, more productive adults. Upstream Public Health believes Oregon should work with our K-12 public schools to ensure Oregon’s youth have their best chance of success in school and in life.
Simply put, tobacco kills. It is the leading cause of preventable death in Oregon. And at Upstream we are working hard to end these needless deaths. Since almost all smokers start when they are just kids, much of our work focuses on preventing youth from starting use of tobacco and addictive nicotine products.
Transportation and Land Use is a fancy way of saying “the places where we live, work, and play and the options we have for moving around those places.” It includes everything from making sure that kids can safely catch a bus to school to whether or not city zoning codes allow worksites to be located near neighborhoods.
Temperature increases and extreme weather events associated with climate change have significant impacts on public health through heat stress, vector-borne diseases, malnutrition and other drought-related problems, respiratory and allergic disease, and developmental effects like pre-term birth.
Dental Health Crisis Portland, Oregon is in the midst of a dental health crisis where one in five children (or 21%) is currently suffering from untreated tooth decay, with kids in low-income families having even worse rates of decay.  Poor dental health is the number one reason kids visit emergency rooms and the most common chronic disease among children. Nearly half of children experience dental decay before kindergarten. Dental disease can lead to missed school days, increased healthcare costs...
There's no reason why someone's health should be determined by their zip code – but it is.  Historical social injustices have led to higher rates of poverty, segregation, unsafe neighborhoods, and poor education outcomes for certain populations. As a result, people of color and those experiencing poverty have lower life expectancies, poorer birth outcomes, and higher risk for chronic diseases. We know that everyone deserves an equal chance to be healthy and thrive.  
What we eat and drink every day affects how we feel in the moment, and it impacts our overall health. Upstream works to make quality, healthy food easy to get, cheaper, and available to everyone.  For information about our 2015 Farm to School and School Garden work, see: