Meet our 10th Anniversary Sponsors


The best way to get our work done is through coalitions made up of leaders from non-profits, government agencies, and business associations who see the value of a particular policy. Working together, we can share expertise, lobby harder, and increase our chances of getting our message out to policy makers, the public, and the media.


Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth Coalition: The Coalition supports water fluoridation for the city of Portland. Members represent health, education, social justice, business, and community organizations dedicated to ending Oregon’s dental health crisis. Every major national health and medical institution that has a position on the topic supports water fluoridation. Raising awareness with integrity and directing Portlanders to credible science is our goal.

Farm to School and School Garden Network, and Policy Working Group: Upstream has been working since 2007 to promote and expand Farm to School and School Garden programs and funding throughout Oregon.  To do this work, we are members of the Farm to School and School Garden Network, and we are currently the lead organization for the Policy Working Group, a committee of the Network.

Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition:  The Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations and individuals working collectively to promote policies and programs that will reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning. Our goal is to build supportive funding, leadership, and policies on the connections between health and education in order to keep kids safe, healthy, and ready to learn.  Upstream is one of over 40 member organizations and a member of the steering committee.

Healthy Oregon Partnership for Equity (HOPE Coalition): Upstream is one of six steering committee members in this four-county partnership of communities of color, health advocates, and policy-makers working together to create and implement a five-year plan to increase health equity. Other steering committee members include: Center for Intercultural Organizing, Urban League of Portland, Oregon Latino Health Coalition, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), and Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon (TOFCO). You can keep up with HOPE on Twitter and Facebook.

Oregon Conservation Network: The Oregon Conservation Network (OCN) is more than 50 Oregon conservation organizations, working together in the Oregon Legislature on shared priorities for a healthy Oregon. Upstream Public Health is a member of the Network and works closely with the Network and its members during each legislative session.  

Oregon Health Impact Assessment Network: Upstream participates in this network convened by the Oregon Health Authority to increase capacity to complete health impact assessments in Oregon.

Oregon Nutrition Policy Alliance: ONPA works to increase the awareness about the impact of nutrition on the health of Oregonians, and to promote policy that creates a healthy, active Oregon.  Upstream Public Health is a member of this group, which has had recent successes on menu labeling, school wellness policies, and access to junk food in schools.

Oregon Soda Tax Coalition: Upstream is the convener of a group of organizations and individuals who are interested in reducing the harmful effects of excess weight.  Increasing research shows that soda consumption is a major contributor to unhealthy weight gain, so we are particularly interested in strategies to reduce the consumption of soda.  

Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon, Policy Committee: TOFCO Partners is a statewide coalition of organizations committed to reducing tobacco related morbidity and mortality through statewide policy changes that decrease tobacco use and exposure to tobacco by-products. Upstream is a member of TOFCO Partners and TOFCO's Policy Committee.  

Transportation for Oregon's Future: Upstream is on the steering committee for this coalition that is working to secure funding for active transportation during Oregon's 2013 legislative session. Other steering committee members include: Oregon Environmental CouncilBicycle Transportation AllianceWillamette Pedestrian Coalition1,000 Friends of Oregon, and Oregon State Public Interest Research Group.

Transportation Health Equity Network: Upstream is one of several organizations that meet monthly to share information and support work related to transportation and health equity in the Portland metro region.  Other Network members include: Coalition for a Livable Future, OPAL Environmentmal Justice Oregon, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Ride Connection, and Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

Individual Partner Organizations 

Ecotrust: Upstream has been working closely with Ecotrust on Farm to School promotion and expansion since 2006.

Health Impact Project: Upstream partners with HIP, which aims to advance smarter policies for healthier communities.

Oregon Public Health Institute:  Upstream works closely with OPHI on projects and coalitions including Healthy Kids, Soda Taxes, Oregon Nutrition Policy Alliance, and more.  

Society of Practitionors of HIA: Upstream is a member of this organization that serves the needs of health impact assessment practitioners in North America and worldwide.