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Training & Tools

Here you will find helpful tools and trainings developed by Upstream and other organizations.

Evaluators, consultants, public health experts, and planners attended a one day training hosted by Upstream and sister organization Oregon Public Health Institute. Download the training Power Point presentation slides by clicking here.
This tool describes how to better integrate safety, health, and equity considerations into transportation projects. It is intended to help transportation managers, decision-makers, and  those concerned with public health and equity to address these issues early enough in the transportation planning process to make a difference in decision-making.  
This training is designed for health professionals with experience conducting or contributing to health impact assessments. The training provides a foundation in understanding different climate change policies and how they can affect health. It is intended to help professionals evaluate health effects of climate change policy. Each chapter below has audio embedded in the presentation and is intended to accompany the Toolkit materials. Files are between 37 and 300 MB in size and may require fast...