Farm to School funding ELIMINATED in Proposed State Budget

The governor's proposed budget completely cuts grant funding for farm to school and school garden grants. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. No funding = no funding for anyone, for cafeteria purchases or for education grants.

Can you take one Critical Action step right now?

Please call or email YOUR Oregon state legislators to tell them you care about Farm to School and School Garden programs, and you want to see funding continued!

Do it right away!

Enter your physical address here to find out who are your "Senate" and "House" representatives in Oregon. (You may also want to contact your Congressperson about various national issues, but you don't need to contact them about this.)

Call or email them and say some variation on this:

I am a constituent, and I'm writing/calling to ask you to support HB 2038, to preserve or expand current funding levels for Oregon's Farm to School and School Garden program. This program is important to me because helps kids, farmers, and Oregon's economy, all at once. (Add more details, from personal experience, if you want.)

Please also add me to your email list for constituent communication and event invites. Thank you.

(Sign with your name and address.)

In the coming months, when you get invites from those legislators to attend "town hall" or "community coffee" meetings, PLEASE GO and raise your hand and tell them that you are a constituent and you want them to fight to preserve funding for Farm to School and School Garden programs, which benefit their community and the state as a whole.

To stay involved:

1.  There will be a hearing about a proposal to continue funding for these programs, on Tuesday February 14th, 2017 at 8am in Salem.

2.  If you are interested in coming to that hearing, OR if you want to be on the email list for further updates about this effort, contact